Pasin Marine Consultants Inc

Pasin Marine Consultants Inc are a totally independent consultancy offering a range of tailored services such as vessel safety inspections, onboard training, vetting assistance, external navigational audits (for TMSA stage 4), ship energy efficiency management plan development (SEEMP), onboard computer/network reviews and external assistance.  We pride ourselves in providing a first class service.  The company is based in Panama however we have consultants based in various locations worldwide ready to work for our clients.

The attendance onboard a vessel by our Consultants assists the Ship Owner/Ship Manager reduce the likelihood of Flag State/Port State Control deficiencies and detentions by ensuring that any potential issues are highlighted and where possible rectified.  By addressing the human element the vessel’s crew can be prepared and ready with the Ship Owner/Ship Manager in the knowledge that the best possible preparations have been undertaken.

If you are interested in further information on our services then please contact us and we will gladly discuss.

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